Alumna’s “Cool Job” at the Aquarium

Lisbeth Bornhofft '70 (NE Aquarium photo)

Alumna and former art teacher Lisbeth Bornhofft ’70 was featured in the New England Aquarium’s Fall 2010 publication Blue in an article entitled “Cool Jobs.”

Lisbeth is a senior educator at the Aquarium, where she has worked since 1992. Working closely with the Aquarium’s experts, Lisbeth helps create and interpret exhibits that will effectively engage and connect visitors of all ages with marine science and life.

If there’s an interpreter at the exhibit, we can make the link between the animal and an important ocean issue,” Lisbeth says. Under her guidance, Aquarium staff aim to make fur seals, harbor seals, penguins and other animals gateways to exploring important ocean issues like climate change, overfishing, invasive species and pollution with visitors. (Blue, NE Aquarium, Fall 2010, article by Ann Cortissoz)

Read full story (on pages 6-7 of Blue)

Look for Lisbeth next time you visit the Aquarium!

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