Beaver’s Emily Smith Shines in Dressage Competition

Competing with over 250 young riders from all over the United States and countries such as Canada and Brazil, Emily won each of the three sections for her division: written test, equitation class, and dressage test.

Each rider is assigned required reading that covers riding theory and stable management. The written test assesses a rider’s knowledge of this material. The equitation class judges riders on their position and seat on a horse while at the walk, trot, and canter. Finally, the dressage test puts the rider and horse through a compulsory set of patterns and movement.

According to the competition’s website, the dressage test “assesses the forward and supple nature of the horse, its balance and harmony with the rider, the rider’s position and seat, and the correct and effective use of the aids.”

“A huge congratulations to Emily,” says Beaver’s Middle School Associate Director Ann Bevan Hollos. “We are all very proud of her success. She took on a lot of responsibility to balance her Beaver school work and her riding.”

“We truly appreciate and acknowledge the support of Emily’s teachers and the school in helping her pursue her dreams,” say Emily’s parents, Gordon Smith and Dianne Georgian-Smith.

Next up for Emily is the 2010 Children of the Americas Dressage Invitational. This competition will let her showcase her creativity as well as her riding skills. For her freestyle ride at the event, Emily is arranging her own music. Most riders have others do the arranging, but Emily finds it much more fulfilling to do the choreography and arranging herself.


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