Update from Costa Rica

Over 20 Beaver students are spending their first weeks of summer vacation in Costa Rica living and working on an organic farm. In addition to working, students use this experience as an opportunity to immerse themselves in the Spanish language. Teachers Tiffany Marsh, John Schatz, and Elisha Cho are accompanying the group on this annual service trip.

Ms. Marsh sends this update from Finca la Flor, Costa Rica:

Greetings from Finca la Flor!

Everyone continues to work hard and enjoy themselves. The students are encouraged to use their Spanish throughout the time they are working on the farm. Most of the guides we are working with only speak Spanish, thus the students have to find ways to communicate other than using English. The students are on a rotating schedule with regards to the jobs they have everyday. The jobs include working with the animals, helping plant a  new botanical garden, preparing the meals, planting plants and crops, creating signage for the farm area and many other things. In the afternoon and evenings the students have been playing soccer against local teams and other group bonding games. Tonight we are taking Merengue lessons! We assure you that everyone is well and happy!

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