Grammar Videos

Ninth grade students in Robin Neal’s English class used video as a way to learn and teach others about grammar.

Working in groups, students were assigned a grammar topic such as mastering the colon, comma rules, and avoiding fragment and run-on sentences. Students worked to become experts on their topics and produce short videos explaining their topic to an audience of their peers.

Mr. Neal wanted students to get creative when producing the videos. Here are a couple of the guidelines he laid out:

  • Audience-centered…You are creating these videos for fellow grade 9 students. DON’T BE BORING. You actually need to create something that YOU want to watch.
  • “Spicy”…Lay your own special flava’ on this project. Get creative and make videos that are a bit quirky, silly, and, most importantly, original.

The video below uses skateboarding to describe comma splices. You can see all of the videos at the Grammar Video wiki.

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