The North End Project

Boston’s North End is known for its food — specifically its Italian food. But, as Beaver’s sixth grade class discovered,  the community is much more than that.

Recently the class visited the North End as part of its study of immigration, assimilation, and immersion in American culture. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, the North End drew Jewish and later Italian immigrants to its streets. Both groups brought their cultures and cuisine with them, with the Italians remaining in the area to this day.

During their trip, students were assigned to a group that was tasked with researching a certain aspect of Italian life in the North End. Topics ranged from discovering the personal accounts of individuals in the community to investigating the many local eateries and markets.

After a brief tour of some of the key sites in the North End, students spent the next couple of hours on their research. After lunch students visited the ABCD North End/West End Neighborhood Community Center and the Dreams of Freedom Immigration Museum at the Skywalk of the Prudential Center.

Once back at school, students presented their North End findings with an oral presentation, visual display, and a short written paper.

Here is one group’s slide show about the neighborhood and ambiance of the North End:

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