Beaver Marches at Youth Pride Parade 2010

Boston Youth Pride is the oldest Youth Pride parade in the nation and is sponsored by the Friends of GLBT Youth. Despite the torrential downpours, Beaver managed to have a good showing of students, faculty and allies, who braved the high winds and wet clothes to show their support of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered youth. Community members Izzy Davila ’11, Teà Kesting-Handly ’11, Noah Boskey ’14, teachers Gabriela Morillo, Tiffany Marsh, Robert Principe and Michelle Langwieder, along with their friends, partners, allies and pet/mascot, Nala, were on hand to proudly carry the Beaver banner made by the Middle School Gay/Straight Alliance and their supporters.

Beaver is intentional about supporting student involvement in both Middle School and Upper School Gay/Straight Alliances. As Robert Principe of the Hiatt Center for Social Justice Education states, “The strength and visibility of these student organizations is important to the school’s effort to create a sense of belonging for all students, including the diversity of sexual orientation and family structure that is part of the school community.”

Please join the BCDS Gay/ Straight Alliances for Boston Gay Pride Parade 2010 on Saturday, June 12. All are welcome to come and march in the parade with us: students, faculty, families, friends, and allies. Please show our Beaver GLBTQ community your support. For more details or to sign up for the march, please contact Michelle Langwieder.

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