Cultural Heritage Project Gets Underway

Seventh graders have begun working on the culminating project of their school year, the Cultural Heritage Project (CHP), and they are using a wiki to keep themselves organized.

Students are asked to choose a country and a culture to explore then research the reasons that people from that culture came to America. Were the pushed out and forced to find a new home in America? Did they come to America to seek a better life for their family?

The CHP Wiki

A finished project will consist of a two to three page paper based on the student’s research and a one to two minute presentation at the annual Cultural Heritage Festival. For the festival, students will also create a visual display that will be shared with classmates, teachers, and parents.

Instead of a packet of handouts with instructions, resources, and rubrics, all of the material students will need for the CHP can be found on the CHP wiki. This website provides a location that can be updated as needed and provides an at-a-glance view of the project and its tasks.

We’ll be at the festival and will post samples of students’ projects after the event. Stay tuned!

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