Eighth Graders Take a Stance

This year’s Creative Scholars Project (CSP) asked the eighth grade to “Take a Stance.” Students were to choose a topic they learned about at Beaver and make a convincing argument about their position on the topic. Our scholars’ subjects ranged from environmental issues to stem cell research.

After extensive research, students’ produced a product which could take the form of a visual art piece, formal address, or an investigative news report. The projects were presented to the Beaver community on the evening of Thursday, March 11.

Middle School Director Jorge Valcarcel praised the eighth graders work:

I can honestly say that I have never been more impressed and proud than I was on the evening of March 11th, when I attended the Creative Scholars Project presentations.  The eighth grade students presentations demonstrated their keen understanding of and concern for some of the most pressing topics of our times.  The success of the evening was equally due to much hard work on the part of the eighth grade faculty team and enormous dedication, focus, and work on the part of the students.  My congratulations to them all.

Here are two examples of the wonderful work produced during the CSP. (To see a complete list of student projects as well as links to more videos and slideshows click here.):

Riley Nelson examines women in sports in this investigative news report.

Lucas Cassels decided to give a formal address on the detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Check back soon as this post will be updated with photos of the CSP as they become available.

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