Beaver Students Attend MS Students of Color Conference

This year’s MS SOC attendees were:

Micaela Pierce
Elias Pimentel
Charlee Manigat
Beverly Nwankwo
Miah Andrews
Stephen Gousby
Alex Volcy
DeAndre Dymski
Andrew Simpson
Philip Skipitaris
Alonso Richardson
Jamie Kennedy

They shared their personal highlights after the conference:

Charlee – “getting together with different people and hearing what they had to say”

AJ – “meeting new people, making sushi, hip hop dance”

Miah – “meeting new people and especially the affinity groups; fun activities sushi, story quilt”

Stephen – “the chance be in groups and talk about our culture and our race, and how we got to see about our lives”

Beverly – “learning people’s opinions about diversity in people’s schools and learning people’s opinion about being colored”

Jamie – “connecting with other students – it helps me understand more about others schools customs and culture”

DeAndre – “the affinity groups, because we got to share and connect with others of our own kind and share what we like about our race and culture”

Micki – “the affinity groups were most important because I got to say what I feel about how people treat others”

Alex – “the affinity groups were the most important part because you got to associate with people of your race”

Philip – “getting to know people that were like me in more ways than normal; talking about life when you are international”

Alonso – “the affinity group were most important to me because I liked meeting people who feel the same as I do”

Elias – “being with people like me – I heard from a girl in my affinity group that said it doesn’t matter color, you’re Latino. I also loved that a leader in my affinity group said although he “looked” American he is a Latino and people notice – this whole conference was fun and I met new people”

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