Art With Non-Traditional Materials

Stars hang from the VPAC skylight

Eighth grade students in Amy Winston’s art class were sent out around campus with non-traditional art materials (paper bags, strings, rubber bands, etc.) and instructed to create a site-specific installation using those materials.

As described by fellow art teacher Rebecca Roberts, the results of the students’ work created “unexpected beauty” throughout the school.

One group of students decided to use the paper bags to make stars to hang from the Visual and Performing Arts Center skylight. Not letting any space go to waste, they also utilized the catwalk railing by placing a paper bag in some of the holes in the railing.

A student cuts out one of many stars

Another group strung hundreds of feet of string up and down a stairwell creating a colorful pattern of lines.

Still another group created anĀ intricate spider web patternĀ using the string and thumbtacks.

To see more photos of the students’ work, check out the Flickr gallery.

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  1. Jan Devereux March 13, 2010 at 6:59 am #

    I like how it now looks as if the paper mache man leaning over the railing (a student project from back in 2007) is involved somehow with the paper bags. I think the building’s architects would admire the creative ways students have found to incorporate the design elements into their art.

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