Heliconian Coffee House a Success

Buzz Haverty '10 at the Heliconian Coffee House

Guest post by Buzz Haverty ’10

Beaver’s literary and art journal, the Heliconian, hosted its first Coffee House this month. Students, parents, alumni and faculty alike all gathered in the Rogers Room for a fun night of readings and musical performances.

The Coffee House is an ever-expanding tradition in Beaver’s great creative culture, bringing more students together in a fun, open environment every year. It has also become a great way to see some of our favorite alumni.

Last year’s presidents, Michael Firer (Wesleyan University) and Jehane Samaha (Brown University), reunited and accepted a trophy from the American International College for last year’s winter issue.

The night was filled with a plethora of creative readings and performances from all different parts of the Beaver community. The Coffee House is, and will continue to be, an event that inspires everyone in attendance. From last-minute readings to soft-spoken students seizing their creative voice, the Winter Coffee House was a huge success.

To see more pictures and highlights from the night, visit the Heliconian fan page on Facebook, and find the fan photos.

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