Students Give Laptop Program Thumbs Up

“While spring of last year I was skeptical, now I am convinced,” writes Taylor Hayes ’12 in her article “Are You a Mac or PC?” “Being able to use Google Docs, while it is sometimes difficult to work, gives me the opportunity to complete my homework during free times such as X-block and lunch. Last year, when I did not have a laptop to bring to school, I found that it took me longer to complete my homework. Now I can easily take notes and open documents that teachers have ‘shared’ with me via Google Docs.”

A new student club called B.I.T.E.S. (Beaver Information Technology Engineering Squad) has formed to allow students the opportunity to discuss technology, and to be technology mentors and troubleshooters. The article “B.I.T.E.S is Here to Help With Google Docs and Beyond” tells of the benefits of using Google Docs while also sharing other open source and free word processing options.

Kelley Connolly, Beaver’s Director of Information Services and sponsor of B.I.T.E.S., says, “B.I.T.E.S is a great venue for students to learn and discuss technology in an informal environment. Our weekly meetings have been used to discuss how the technology works or isn’t working for them and to find solutions as a team.”

In addition to B.I.T.E.S., a new technology help desk also supports technology on campus. Beaver’s Director of Technology Pat Ausman says, “The Help Desk works closely with teachers and students to find the best way to leverage and choose among all the available technology applications.”

Read what students are saying about the laptop program:

“Are You a Mac or PC?” by Taylor Hayes ’12

“B.I.T.E.S. is Here to Help with Google Docs and Beyond” by TBR staff

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