Senior’s Photo Show Opens in Gallery

PUSH my subjects to expose more of themselves, to open up and give me (as the photographer) something different, evocative, and compelling.

PUSH my viewers not to judge the models and to have an open mind when they are viewing my photographs. I want them to PUSH themselves to move past their first impression and I hope to provoke them to PUSH ahead, to PUSH on past their preconceived notions.

PUSH my community to move in the direction of change. I want to make people expand their assumptions and to rid themselves of the old ways of thinking and move forward towards a more accepting and diverse mindset.

“Throughout this project, my goal was to help my viewers reflect on how people can coexist and thrive with groups other than their own. There are so many different types of people that live in Provincetown. They all are human beings – to me it is very important to understand and appreciate the person for their soul rather than the way someone appears physically.”

PUSH will be in the gallery through November.

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