Music and Lyrics

Singer-songwriter Alastair Moock visited Beaver on October 1 as part of English Teacher Robin Neal’s “Local Living Writers” class. The 12th grade elective focuses on Boston’s writing scene — from novels, to poetry, to music. Moock discussed his creative process and performed one of his original songs.

Alastair Moock visits a Beaver English class

As a follow-up activity, Moock gave the class two pieces of music without lyrics. The students’ assignment is to write lyrics for one of the melodies. Once complete, students will post their work to the class wiki where the singer will read and offer comments on the lyrics.

Here are the two melodies students can choose from:

Music by Alastair Moock for BCDS – #1

Music by Alastair Moock for BCDS – #2

We’ll post some of the students’ songs to the mashUp soon, so keep checking back. In the meantime, view a BCDStv video of Moock performing his song “Fortune Street” from the album of the same name.


  1. Music and Lyrics, Part 2 | BCDS mashUp - October 27, 2009

    […] Student’s in Robin Neal’s Local Living Writers class have completed the lyrics to one of two melodies provided by singer-songwriter Alastair Mook. Mook visited the class in early October to share his writing process and inspiration. (See the original mashUp post.) […]

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