Blogging the Principles of Art

9th grade students in Rebecca Roberts’ Principles of Art class each have their own art blog to record their thoughts about their activities in the class. Ms. Roberts posts entries to her own blog which provide instruction and examples for what students are to write on their blogs. All student blogs are linked to from Ms. Roberts’ blog. (Also take a look at Ms. Roberts’ class web site which has many photos of students at work as well as their completed projects.)

At the mid-point of the fall semester she asked students to reflect on the class up to that point. Here are a few of their posts:

A student writes in her blog during art class.

Sophia’s Art Blog

I have changed for the better in art this term so far. My patience with making art has increased along with my ability to observe more then just look then make my own interpretation of an object. Being creative I’ve discovered, isn’t just going, “Oh that looks like to art, let’s draw it.” It’s about seeing things in a way that isn’t necessarily how it appeared originally or once you figured out what it really was. Art isn’t just a class, you can do it whenever, wherever even when it’s not an assignment. Also on a less deep note, I have learned how to draw with charcoal, which is something I have never done before. I’m glad I chose Art Principles.

Mlima Art Blog

This term I have made lots of progress. I have learned to see the potential in things I before viewed as  regular everyday objects. I have learned to pull ideas from everything in my surroundings and to be as creative as possible with my materials. I have learned to build off my ideas and to cope with change. I have also learned to do the best I can even when I feel like I don’t have the materials, time or skills to complete a task. I have struggled at times to turn in work due to missed classes caused by soccer, sickness and dentist appointments but I have caught up and completed all of them. Though I am far from a perfect artist I do believe I have become a respectable artists and have learned a great deal from this class. It is always hard for me to get started but when I did I ended up completing pieces of art I was proud to call mine. I always try my hardest to produce artwork that i am proud of.

A student checks her assignment on the class web site.

Spencer’s Art Blog

Through this term of art principles, I think I have made a huge improvement of not only my artistic ability, but also of my performance, process, and participation in the class. As an artist, the first thing I do now is to not pick up my pencil and draw, but rather to think of something that would make my sketch look amazing. When working on different projects I notice that I have become more creative and have a wider range of ideas and thoughts going through my head. I ask myself, “Can I make this drawing have more colors”, or “What is it I have to do to this painting, to get someone’s attention easier?”. Meanwhile during class, when getting assigned a project I am able to follow the directions through the whole entire assignment. For example, when doing the project of creating lines into a story, I was able to make different lines into metaphors and then use them to make a story. As for my process in art, I am learning everyday about the tools more, and the basic concepts of the class. Lastly, I am participating more with my classmates and asking them questions based on what we are doing in class that day. I am not afraid to speak up and either ask a question or answer to my peers or teacher and have a better friendship with them! So far, I think I am doing well in Art Principles, but there are certain “places” where I can be better in and I am willing to take that challenge!

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